Pilates Teacher Training

Thrive Through Pilates

Empower your Pilates journey with the Pilates To Thrive Online Teacher Training Program—a tailored, comprehensive experience designed to equip aspiring instructors with in-depth knowledge of the Pilates Method.

Dive into understanding how the body harmonizes with this system, uniquely advancing your skills. Whether you aspire to teach or enhance your physical therapy practice, our program is your key to unlocking a world of possibilities. Take that final leap and thrive in the transformative power of Pilates!

About The Program

In this transformative program, you'll (a) elevate your comprehension of biomechanics and human anatomy to unprecedented depths; (b) master an extensive Pilates repertoire, honing the art of precise client cues through both manual contacts and articulate language; and, (c) acquire the expertise to seamlessly integrate Pilates into clinical settings. Upon completion, you'll emerge fully equipped to expertly lead private sessions, duets, trios, and dynamic classes. It's not just certification; it's mastery in motion

Congratulations on Taking the First Step Towards Mastery!

We applaud you for embarking on the enlightening path of Pilates Teacher Training. The journey you're about to undertake is both transformative and empowering. Now, let's make the process seamlessly doable:

Step 1

The first classes you will need to take are Fascial Anatomy and Essential Exercises. 

Step 2

You will need to purchase the required mat and equipment manuals from Pilates.com. There you can purchase the manual that correlates with the course you have purchased.

Additionally you will need Anatomy Trains by Thomas Meyers.

Step 3

Now you are ready to begin the rest of the program. It’s recommended you do the following order: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel, Mat (this is recommended, but not required.)

More Details: 

Upon completion of the below program, you will be provided with a certificate verifying your completion. 

In-Person/ Virtual Meet-ups
Once a month you have the opportunity to join Cheryl in person at her studio, CORE Therapy and Pilates in Austin TX, or join via Zoom for an open discussion.

These meetings will include practicing teaching skills; examining each body’s in-balances, limitations, and learning style, and answering any questions that might arise.

Your Own Practice
You will need to adopt a personal practice to integrate the movement experience of the Pilates repertoire. You need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of personal practice.

CORE will allow access to the equipment during regular working hours as long as there isn’t a class going on. 

 Observation Hours
You will need to complete a minimum of 25 observation hours. You will be allowed to observe in person at CORE. Please ask prior permission before attending in person.

Observation at other studios and online observation is allowed.  Download the recommended Log Sheet to track your own practice and observation hours. 

Flexible Learning, Makes It All Possible!

Join our community today Join our community today to enhance your skills, discover the joy of teaching, and enjoy the flexibility of a rewarding career.