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Stay Fit and Active at Home.

Tone up, ease pain, improve your flexibility, and strengthen your core in less than 1 hour a day!

  • “I don’t have time to reach my fitness goals.”
  • “I don’t keep up with my fitness outside of the Pilates studio.”
  • “Working out from home is not for me.”

As a Physical Therapist and Fitness Instructors,

these are the things we have heard from our clients for years now. 

If you are ready for improved health and fitness then a commitment is required.  

As a holistic physical therapist since the late 90’s with my partner, Cheryl, two decades in the fitness and Pilates business we know this to be a fact. 

Stephen C. Dunn

Physical Therapist
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor

Cheryl C. Dunn

PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor
Certified GYROKINESIS® Instructor
GYROTONIC® Master Trainer

Are you frustrated with your fitness commitment? 

Are you feeling exhausted and tired all the time?  

Do you notice your friends are in better shape than you? 

Are you tired of doing the same exercises with the same lack of results? 

Do you want to have better health than your parents at their age?

We have seen these frustrations for years in our studio. Clients come in with pain, injury, or limited mobility and make tremendous progress in the studio.  They progress from physical therapy to pilates training and possibly group classes. 

They are instructed in a home program of exercise and these frequently get left behind once improvements are made. Then they fall off the pilates program and all of the aches and pains slowly return as they return to old habits and lifestyles.

Sound familiar? Then the client returns to the studio to start the process over and they claim to be “motivated this time”, but history repeats itself. 

doing pilates with the help online courses

Now, what if I told you that we have been paying attention to this trend and brainstorming solutions? 

How would you like a simple solution to get off the hamster wheel?

Looking for guidance with your fitness goals?

Looking for a progression from beginners to intermediate to advanced? Instead of falling off the wagon?

After a year of planning, Covid-19 put us into high gear and gave us even more reason to build an online membership of exercise videos. 

You can have the ability to perform mindful movement videos on a daily basis. Choose from 15 minute to 60-minute videos that fit your fitness level and let you take your strength and flexibility to the next level. There are no more excuses to staying consistent with your exercises at home. Consistency with exercise = Improved health…..

Now the dream of improved health, a boosted immune system, and a consistent exercise routine are available at home with our extensive video library from a list of talented teachers. 

Videos on demand – freedom to take the class at your pace and on your schedule.

Extensive video library to meet you where you are. Whether you have never exercised and are fearful to start or a seasoned exerciser that knows you are missing something in your routine.

  1. Back Care Class
  2. Beginners Classes
  3. Intermediate Classes
  4. Advanced Classes

Personal Trainer on your computer. Take classes daily from home or wherever life takes you.

Private Facebook Group – Online community to ask questions and get answers from one of your physical therapist or pilates instructor.

Connect with others, just like you, looking for a healthier lifestyle and a community to support them on the journey.

Workout from home without props or common props found in the physical therapy or pilates/yoga studios.

Variety of workout time lengths depending on your schedule and fitness level. Up to 15’, 30’, 45’, and 60’ classes.

Learn from trusted instructors who are experienced with working in a rehab setting that includes injured clients, healthy clients, and all the way up to professional athletes.

New videos added weekly so you won’t get bored.


Commitment and consistency are what you are buying with this monthly membership. We have already discussed the value of commitment and consistency. 

Workout from home and at your pace. ​​​​

Pause the video if needed. 

No make-up or fancy workout clothes required.

Don’t feel intimidated by the skinny girl next to you in the studio. 

Try new videos or stick to your top 5.

Take from multiple trainers with multiple styles.

Keep up with your workout routine from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.

Invite your family and friends to take the classes you love.

Track your progress and set goals with your membership site.

Get all of this for the low price of $37 a month. Act now… the first 20 people to sign up get in for the low monthly price of $27 a month. Cancel anytime…..with 14 days notice.  

Not happy in the first 14 days of your membership – Cancel and get your money back.

Or try our FREE membership site first
Sample our site with this video library of 10 min videos…

Are you ready to meet your fitness goals in less than an hour a day? From home?

TAKE ACTION NOW – 2-week money-back guarantee.

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